Personal Profiles

How to Request a Report

Prepare one page of spontaneous script on unruled paper (cursive preferred but not essential). No felt tipped pen and no copying from a book or magazine. Sign your name as you would a legal document and print your name how you would like it to appear on the report. Handwriting samples may be faxed, scanned or mailed using the contact information provided below. Please include your name, contact information, and the best time to reach you.

Curiosity Checklist

A report identifying six aspects of your personality.


In-Depth Analysis

A comprehensive report, includes graphs and pie chart. This report examines over 100 character traits focusing on aspects of your personality such as Emotions, Mental Process, Motivation, Defenses, Social Skills and Self-Image.


Career Report

Stop Second Guessing Yourself

Includes the above reports plus measuring of job compatibility. Identifying left or right brain, where your career blocks are and career compatibility. Moving you from the position you loathe to the career you love.

What My Clients Say:

I cannot believe how much my handwriting revealed – It was so accurate like you have known me for years. This report has given me some needed valiation and reassurance. I now know how to move forward after being stuck in a rut for so many years.


Compatibility Profile

Detailed report that identifies how an individual communicates his/her feelings in relationships. Highlights mental rapport, energy level and anxieties in both partners. This assessment assists those in personal, social and business relationships. “Forewarned is to be forearmed!”


Aptitude Testing

A personalized report designed for children and young adults, highlighting mental and motivation traits. This report identifies their strengths and weaknesses in order to assess aptitude and ability.


Children’s drawings also can be interpreted, identifying hidden talents, true feelings and anxieties.

Life Path Sessions

CLEAR YOUR MIND, HEAL YOUR SOUL. One on one sessions guiding you through a series of consultations and written exercises. Assisting you to remove the blocks that may be hindering your potential growth and guiding you to a place of power and peace. Sessions cannot be started without a handwriting evaluation and can also be done by phone.

What My Clients Say:

I must say a big thanks for all your help. I’m at peace. So many things great things have happened in the last three years and I must confess, I have redone my Life Path, every November since 2005. Thanks for supporting my sisters too. My Family life has improved significantly.

Christine Bailey – New York USA

$125 per session

Resume Revamp

Revolutionize your resume – make this a marketing tool that opens doors for you.

What My Clients Say:

I’m having no difficulty tailoring my resume to suit the position(s) I’m interested in. I feel so much more organized. I don’t want to sound over emphatic of your assistance, but I do want to let you know how grateful I am. It was not just a resume revamp, it was a change of perspective on self and empowerment. Thank you so much.

Sharon King – London U.K.


I look forward to seeing what makes you tick.

Gift certificates are available for any occasion.