Beverley East has worked in the private and public sector of personnel management for over 14 years. She was introduced to Graphology in 1987 while employed by a recruitment consultancy. This highly successful company used graphology as a primary tool for client selection and recruitment.

Ms. East trained intensively for 4 years and was qualified in the world’s foremost institute of graphology, based in Chicago, Illinois. She established Strokes & Slants in Washington, D.C. in 1989 and in London, England in 1991.

Over the past 27 years, Ms. East has built an extensive clientele that includes the Washington Court Hotel in the United States. In Europe, she consults with the Queen Elizabeth Foundation for Disabled People, the London Taxi Finance Company and Execucare Recruitment Consultancy.

She has worked in the areas of recruitment, training and management consultancy for these and many other companies. She is currently providing recruitment services for a company in Brazil.

In addition to focusing on recruitment selection, Ms. East has conducted numerous skills assessment workshops for young professionals. She teaches introductory courses in handwriting analysis for both individual and group sessions here and in Europe. An important thrust of her work is helping individuals identify their personal and professional potential.

Ms. East is a member of the International Graphoanalysis Society, the British Society of Graphoanalysts and a founding member of the Association of Qualified Graphologists. She hosted several radio shows on RJR 94FM in Jamaica, ‘Frank and Upfront’, ‘Tell me About it’, and ‘Living True’ and is a frequent guest on TV and radio (WMAL, WOL, WHUR, WMZQ and USA LIVE). TV appearances include Good Morning America, Later Today, MSNBC Homepage and Fox 5. She has been interviewed by the Washington Post, Emerge Magazine, Golf Digest, Pen World, HR Magazine and Womans World.

Ms. East was the media consultant regarding the Anthrax letters and other landmark cases. (See Expert Witness profile). For six years she wrote a popular career column “Writefully Yours” for the Sunday Gleaner and the past eight years she has written a handwriting column “Reading Your Writes” for the Sunday Herald.

She is the author of best selling book “Finding Mr. Write – a New Slant on Selecting the Perfect Mate”. Her debut novel “Reaper of Souls” was launched in September 2007.