What the T’s Tell

Your T’s tell on you. There is no other letter that reveals your individual traits as much as the letter “t”. Over 26 characteristics can be found in the t’s here are some of them:

Motivation – Goals

What the Ts tell 1
The higher the t bar is crossed the higher the goals you set for yourself. The lower the t bar the lower the goal.

What the Ts tell - willpower

The thicker the bar in comparison to the stem, the stronger the will. The weaker the bar in comparison to the stem the weaker the will.

What the Ts tell - enthus
Ability to lead, sweeps others along with zest and energy.



What the Ts tell - optimistSustains cheerful attitude in any situation.




What the Ts tell - procrastDelays, puts off what seems threatening. Tries to avoid emotional unpleasantness. Postpones as long as possible, hoping to get out of the commitment.




What the Ts tell - stubbornResists pressure automatically. Opposes even in the face of logic, any attempt to change her mind. Absolutely determined to have her way.


Sensitive to criticism
What the Ts tell - critct
Reads more into remarks or responses of others than what is being said. Quick to take offense.


What the Ts tell - shallow
Sits on the fence not wanting to make a commitment. Always thinking the “grass is greener” on the other side.

What the Ts tell - control

Holds back, restrains impulses, emotions, or desires through a strong exercise of the will.



What the Ts tell - impatientIrritated by delays or opposition. Restless and eager.

To reach your goals on a daily or yearly basis the t bars should be crossed high, as thick as the stem, and ascending slightly upward this ways enthusiasm high goal setting and strong willpower. Step out and claim what is writefully yours.