Graphology is a science validated by over 50 years of research. The accuracy of Graphology is 85%. This method is based entirely on detailed analyzed strokes in an individual’s handwriting to assess his or her personality. Graphology is NOT about magic, fortune telling or palm reading. Neither can the age, gender or race of an individual be determined through handwriting.

What are the benefits of Graphology?

Utilizing this accurate method of character assessment has several advantages in assisting corporations and organizations:

  • Employees can gain insights into their own personalities, giving them a better understanding of themselves and others. A detailed employee character assessment can be used as a working document for self development and professional growth.
  • Strengths and weaknesses can be identified, as well as areas of potential talents and skills.
  • Communications between and within employee teams can be enhanced.

This method is objective, non-threatening, non-discriminatory and time-efficient. Corporations and other organizations now use it widely as an integral component of personnel hiring and development. Over 56% of corporations in Europe use Graphology as part of the recruitment process. Only 13% of their American counterparts utilize the science in their hiring practices.