Corporate Services

Team Building – “Creating Your Dream Team”

    The greatest asset to any organization is a smoothly functioning team. Through individual handwriting analysis, valuable insights can be gained toward building a more cohesive corporate team. Learn what really makes colleagues tick, their emotional makeup, how they process information, how they communicate and what motivates them. The self-knowledge attained through these accurate and objective profiles will enhance productivity, performance and personal power, while promoting greater understanding between participants as they interact with each other in the workplace. So make the Write choice and embark on an amazing journey of self-discovery — and team building.

Recruitment Selection & Hiring

    A handwriting analysis profile can assist you in selecting your staff. It can provide insight into your potential employee, when resumes and references are no longer sufficient tools to indicate an applicant’s ability to carry out a job. The more information you have about the person, the better decisions you can make for both the company and individual’s benefit. As a past user of handwriting analysis in headhunting and executive searches, Ms. East is acutely aware of how effective and time efficient this method of assessing employees can be. Handwriting analysis is a non-threatening, non-discriminatory method of selecting candidates. Over 6,000 American businesses now depend on an analysis of handwriting to match the person and the job. Do not get left behind. “Forewarned is to be forearmed.”

Redeployment and Downsizing

    Enhance your company’s outplacement package to employees with a career development profile for staff members. This package includes some strengths and weaknesses report, job compatibility and identifying left- and right-brained tendencies. An individual’s report or consultation can assist each staff member on their new career path.


    Ms. East will act as your spokesperson in seminars, at promotions, on television and radio, and in the print media. Her endorsement can help your company enhance its image, as well as sell your products and services. Studies have shown that the easiest sale and most loyal customers are the ones who find out about your product or services through referrals and third-party endorsements. Let Ms. East’s credibility help you increase your sales!