Lectures and Seminars

Ms. East’s expertise and charismatic speaking style will inspire, intrigue and inform others. Her seminars are perfect for conventions, keynote speaking and professional meetings.

Some of Ms. East’s speaking engagements have included:

  • House of Commons – London, England
  • 4th Annual Investigators and Sentencing Specialist Conference
  • The 9th National Conference for Women Corporate Counsel
  • National Urban League Conference – Cleveland
  • British Embassy in Washington, D.C.
  • African American Women on tour conferences (Washington DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta)
  • International Women’s Week Conference, London, England

Some of the most commonly requested seminars are:

  • An Introduction to Handwriting Analysis
  • Creating Your Dream Team
  • How Big is Your Sales Potential?
  • Finding Your True Career
  • Finding Mr. Write
  • Understanding Your Students through their Handwriting