Monica Lewinsky Analysis

Monica LewinskySelf image
Monica feels confident in familiar situations, dealing with people she knows. But even in circumstances where she feels out of her depth apprehension does not stop her from venturing forward.

Intellectual Preferences
Monica deals with the facts straightforwardly, forming rational conclusions based upon available information. She is not interested in what might or might not be, but lives in “real time”. Her strong analytical ability and exploratory mind are behind great “moving and shaking” in her environment. Her capacity for analyzing what is needed in a given situation makes her a valuable asset in a position of responsibility.

Motivating Forces
She needs the freedom to make her own choices. Having the time space and autonomy to do what needs to be done energizes her. On the other hand being restricted in any way causes frustration and even depression. An original thinker Monica follows a unique path creating innovating answers to the challenges that confront her. Her curiosity takes her to some interesting places where she can experiment with molding relation to suit herself.

Social Style
In interpersonal relationships she generally maintains some distance which can potentially impact her capacity for mutually rewarding attachments. Others will soon discover that she is what she seems. When her values or principles are called into question, you can expect her to come up with a sharp response.

Defense Mechanisms
Monica is quite image-conscious and expends much energy making herself look just right. Her careful grooming extends from her person to her surroundings. There must be a proper place for everything and everything must always be in it’s proper place. Normally she is able to keep her emotions well, but when the stress is turned up high her willpower becomes a bit shaky.

Work Style
A natural performer she is showman and a player. In a game of strategy she makes sure she comes out the winner. Her uncompromising attitude precludes a meeting of the minds where there is a disagreement. By insisting she is right there is not safe ground for compromises. She prefers dealing in concrete facts and does not readily accept ideas about events what might or might not happen at some future time.

Management skills
Monica is uncomfortable taking even a low profile leadership role. She is more of a follower who wants to be told what to do. She plans her time and energy carefully, but does not make herself a slave to her schedule. Monica’s strong drive for achievement and a need to set her own agenda suggests an entrepreneurial spirit that will blossom and flourish with the slightest encouragement. She does not mind failures but is aware that they bring her closer to success.

Red Flags
Monica’s constantly searches for the perfect job, relationship, home is an outgrowth of deep inner dissatisfaction with herself. She is unlikely to stay in one place for long.